Mabel Picture Mabel 'The Picture of Mabel was beautiful, it made her cry
when she saw her face so thankyou very much.
It will go on the wall in hall so she will see it everyday.
A very happy wife this morning. Thankyou.'
Motorcar Image Star Motorcar "What a super job you have done in depicting this splendid
old car. I am sure the final recipient will be delighted."
Yacht Image Spring of Tarrant "This drawing is awsome. I'm sure they'll be chuffed to bits.
Can't wait to hand it over.'
Fun by the Sea Image Fun by the Sea 'They are great, so full of life.'
'These pictures really convey the atmosphere of a family day at the seaside',
'So fresh and cheerful. A good example of what
coloured pencil is capable of in a simple style.'
- UKCPS Members
Peacock Image Peacock 'Love the definition and intensity of colour',
'So beautiful, the vibrant colours & detail are wonderful'.
- Public voting slips, UKCPS Exhibition, Keswick 2011.
Lisbon Image Lisbon, Portugal 'Love the detail and combination of textures (brick/metal/fabic/flowers).'
'I like the way you you have used the w/c pencils dry.'
- UKCPS Members.