Artist profile

I am a self taught artist and have loved drawing since an early age.

After trying different mediums, I found that I always reverted back to the pencil.

I received my first set of Caran D ' Ache Coloured Pencils (Supracolour Watersoluble) in 2006 and started building up a portfolio.

I am based in Old Coulsdon, Surrey and am a member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society, as well as Old Coulsdon, Tandridge, Caterham and Croydon Art Societies.

In 2007 I decided to start showing my work at exhibitions and craft fairs and this has led to a number of awards including signature status with the UKCPS as well as a healthy backlog of commissions.

Being able to pursue my passion and fullfill my potential as an artist is very rewarding and I am loving every minute of it.

Tips & Techniques

I use my pencils dry and select paper which is perfectly smooth to avoid any texture on the drawing.

There are also a few 'tools of the trade' which I find useful.

Although I draw freehand for many of my drawings, I may use a grid on acetate to help size up a photo to fit the paper. This needs to be done for certain commissions I take on board.

For covering large areas e.g. sky or background I start by layering up the colours and once happy with depth of colour, use a small natural sponge dipped into a safe solution 'zest it' to blend the colours and remove the pencil lines.

The battery operated eraser has proved invaluable and is often used to highlight areas e.g. eye (pupil), lights, lights of shimmering water, or dimpled noses on cats & dogs.

On my animal drawings, I may also use an embossing tool to create the wiskers and highlighted fur. Once the preliminary drawing has been drawn up, I make a groove in the paper with the embossing tool where there should be whisker or light fur. Start colouring in and you will see that the colour doesn't go into the grooves leaving a light area or whisker or fur showing.